LadyboyGold - Duan - Tight Barebacking Big Facial Massage 4K
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LadyboyGold - Duan - Tight Barebacking Big Facial Massage 4K

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Description: Dirty Massage episode 35 with Duan. Two cumshots. Nubile Femboy Duan is barebacked by an older guy a dirty oil massage ending with her mouth and cute face splattered with a HUGE cumshot! Duan has an adorable all natural body. Her uncut cock is packed inside her sporty bottoms and she is all smiles. Duan lowers her bottoms and spreads her buns revealing a tight unblemished puckered hole. Duan s flat chest is capped with tasty nipples and she loves when men give her the attention she craves. Duan gives a face down Farang a coconut oil massage. The guy is butt naked and her hands run all over the hairy body of the virile guy. Duan pulls out her sweet cock and moves up to rub the man s shoulders. Her swinging cock is an aphrodisiac for the man and he places her girl penis in his mouth. The man turns over and Duan and the man enjoy 69 together. Duan sensually sucks on the Farang s erection while the man feasts on her pink asshole and soft cum full balls. Get an up close view of Duan s lovely ass pussy from behind. Duan moves between the man s thighs and takes the hard meat in her mouth. With the cock throbbing the man can t wait to bust Duan s anal cherry. Her buns are oiled and crease between penetrated slowly by the bareback cock. The man pulls out and slips anal beads inside while presenting his erection to Duan. She eagerly gives a ATM blowjob while being stuffed full. With the toy still in her ass Duan turns over. Hers and the man s cocks rub together in hot oil frottage. The scents of sex and coconut oil fill the man s nostrils. Duan s ass needs to be used well and the man plunges his bare dick back inside her precious hole. The pleasureful pain makes Duan leak precum from her foreskin sheath. Duan is ready to cum and it doesn t take long for her to orgasm. It s a glorious load and the guy scoops it with a hand and feeds it to Duan. With Duan s slippery spunk still on the guys hand he strokes his throbbing cock. The guy has Duan taste her cum off his dick and explodes a gallon of sperm right into Duan s mouth and all over her pretty face. Duan is a sticky mess of sex juices as it slides down her gullet to her tummy. Both Duan and the guy are spent and Duan heads to the shower to finish this Ladyboy Dirty Massage session. Experience Duan exclusively on the LadyboyGold Network.
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