AdultTime - Searching For A Soulmate
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AdultTime - Searching For A Soulmate

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Description: A professional matchmaker Jayne Calloway welcomes her newest client Michael DelRay into her home office. As they chat Michael explains that hes looking to meet a trans woman with whom he can have a genuine romantic relationship but he doesnt know where to start. Jayne says that type of situation is one of the reasons why she started this business she wanted to create a dating service specifically for the trans community and those interested in it. Jayne opens up her laptop and says that to begin with shed just like to ask Michael a few questions to build his dating profile. Michael readily agrees so Jayne starts asking him some questions about himself such as his name age job etc. As he replies Jayne types the answers into her laptop. But when Jayne starts asking Michael some more nuanced questions such as about his hobbies favorite movies likes and dislikes and so on... she seems to grow more and more intrigued by him. Michael has very similar tastes and preferences to Jayne and she seems pleasantly caught off guard by this at times. Eventually Jayne seems totally intrigued by Michael and closes her laptop. Michael looks taken aback and asks if theyre done already. Jayne smirks and says they didnt even get through a third of the questions but she didnt need to hear anything more because shes already found his perfect match. Michael looks surprised and asks who it is. Jayne smiles and replies Me!
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