AdultTime - Bachelor Party Surprise A Jim Powers Spotlight
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AdultTime - Bachelor Party Surprise A Jim Powers Spotlight

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Description: When Roman Todd arrives at a bachelor party he is PSYCHED about celebrating with the boys Wolf Hudson Michael DelRay Jay Tee Steve Rickz Sage Roux and enjoying a sexy stripper. But when the stripper arrives and turns out to be the gorgeous Brittney Kade Roman is suddenly NOT in a partying mood. Its just that hes been with Brittney before and is worried that she might not be his boisterous buds type. But Brittney assures Roman that shes a big girl and that shes going to give them ALL a night to remember! When Brittney starts stripping its soon revealed that she has a dick instead of a pussy which initially catches all of Romans buds off guard. But curiosity and lust quickly takes hold and much to Romans surprise and perhaps dismay all of his buds start sneaking off with Brittney to have some one on one fun. Eventually Brittney invites them ALL to join her at once showing Roman that he had NOTHING to worry about and that he shouldve given his friends more credit!
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